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My work as a notary is separate and distinct from my work as a solicitor. My profession as a notary is regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and not by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. I am also regulated by the Legal Ombudsman.

My role and the role of a notary in England
Unless I have drafted and prepared the documents for you, my role is limited to ensuring that the documents are signed in accordance with the requirements of the country in which they will be used. This will include establishing your identity and also establishing that you have an understanding of the documents and their effect and that you wish to be bound by them.

Legal advice
Unless I have drafted and prepared the documents for you, then no legal advice is given in connection with the documents supplied by you and you must rely upon other lawyers representing you. I am not qualified to advise on any law other than the law of England and Wales.

Foreign language
I do not speak any foreign languages and I cannot read or translate or advise on foreign language documents.

My professional charges are based upon an hourly rate of £250 per hour; with a minimum fee of £60 (depending on the nature of the document and the work that is involved).  All payments are subject to VAT.  Payment is due when instructions are given.
In most cases, it is possible to provide a fixed quotation for the work required once I have seen the documents.

Other payments
In addition to my charges, payments may have to be made to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, foreign consulates and postal and courier companies. These charges are in addition to my professional charges but will be notified to you in advance of the fees being incurred.

Attending Clients Premises
Where necessary we can attend your premises to complete any notarial work at an additional fee, this is dependent on distance. We will arrange an allocated time for the appointment and allow 15 minutes waiting time, additional fees will be incurred if this runs over.

Full refund will be provided if appointments are cancelled no less than 24 hours prior to the appointment. Same day cancellations will receive a 50% refund.

I am required to keep copies of the documents that I deal with. Where copies are kept then they may be retained as scanned copies on my computer system or as physical paper copies in our storage facilities.

I carry professional insurance in excess of £1m.
The work that I carry out as a notary is separate from that as a solicitor. The firm of solicitors that I am a director of, Pinder Reaux & Associates, have no liability for matters carried out whilst I act as a notary.
If I post documents as part of my instructions from you, I am not responsible for their loss, or other direct or indirect losses that you may incur, as a result of them going missing or are delayed whilst in transit.

Data Protection
I am registered under the Data Protection Act. Any information I hold, and your personal details will not be
passed on to third parties. My regulator makes occasional inspections of notaries’ records and may inspect information that I hold without notice to you.
Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we are required to advise you that your particular personal data is held on our database. We may, from time to time, use these details to send you information which we think might be of interest to you, for the legitimate needs of our business and, where necessary or desirable, to comply with legal and regulatory issues.  The GDPR has brought in a number of improved changes, providing:
• Greater transparency concerning how we at Pinder Reaux, use your information and how it is collected;
• The reasons for collecting the data and who has access to it;
• Accessible information relating to your rights and how to exercise those rights 
• our obligations with respect to your personal data; and
• Details of who to contact should you have any queries, concerns or complaints
Please note that a complete copy of our new Privacy Policy setting out your rights to the data that we hold about you and our obligations to you as our client, can be accessed on our website at
and it can be emailed and/or posted to you on your request as well. 
During the period of time that we are instructed by you and following the conclusion of your matter, we shall retain any documentation or information that was required to complete your notarial work and this will be retained on our records as long as our firm is in existence and the records will be securely maintained by Rupinder Bains, the notary public herself, or on retirement, the records will be passed to another firm with a notarial practice. You will be notified of any movement of your data and records.
During the retention period, any personal data processed by us on your behalf will be kept securely and where transferred to you or to a third party (that may be instructed on your matter e.g. translation company, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or any other Foreign Embassy or Consulate), with your consent and instruction, it shall be sent in a secure manner compliant with the requirements under Article 32 of the GDPR.
In the event of a data breach during the processing of personal data under the terms of our retainer with you, you will be notified immediately, we will provide assistance to you in order to comply with Article 28(f) of GDPR.
We can confirm that Pinder Reaux will never pass your personal data to any third party for marketing purposes.